Warehouse Storage

Getting a better opportunity in your career but shifting to a new location can be exciting as well as stressful. The major obstacle is to store the things you cannot or don’t want to relocate with you. This problem has a solution which is warehousing and storage facilities provided by some companies. They keep all your goods safe and secure and can also deliver the same if needed.


A warehouse is a building where goods can be stored by manufacturers, importers, exporters, custom department, big retail business, etc. but it can also be used for short term purposes for storing household goods. Warehousing services is used for the purpose of storing goods for smooth rotation of orders. This is a long term thing but warehousing services can also be used for short term storage of inventories. Warehouses and storage areas are usually constructed in the industrial areas in large buildings of villages, towns and cities.


Warehousing facility is an important segment of packers and movers as this helps in the process of relocation from one city to another. There are other warehousing and storage services that movers and packers companies provide to their customers.

  • Long-term storage facility- When someone relocates and cannot take their belongings, they need a place to keep it safe. There are many companies that provide such facilities with full security of goods. Whatever maybe the reason, you can use these services at reasonable rates.
  • Short-term storage facility- this facility helps people to store their goods for a short span under full security. Whether you are relocating or rearranging the house or even going out for a few days, this service can keep your belongings safe and you can be stress-free.
  • Industrial goods storage facility- companies providing warehousing and storage facility have huge space with customized containers for storing large equipments, machineries, etc.
  • Household goods storage facility- this facility can be availed by people who want a safe place to store their belongings for as long as they want. This service is like taking a place on rent for keeping your things safe from damage, theft etc. The best part of this facility is that you can get the delivery of your goods at your place whenever you want.


Every company providing warehousing services has their own set of rules and process, but there is a standard procedure which is usually followed by all of them-

  • The first thing to do is to contact the facility centre and ask them about the details of the storage space and also tell them your requirements.
  • After you have finalized about the storage facility, you need to deliver the goods to the warehouse. Some warehousing and storage companies provide pickup facility of goods too.
  • Then the goods are unloaded and scanned. After the scan the quantity and quality of the goods are determined.
  • Based on the quantity, quality, form, the goods are allocated a location in the warehouse.
  • The quantity and weight of the goods determine the charges to be borne for the service.
  • The warehouse supervisor then records all the details and location of the goods which is also shared by the customers.
  • The supervisor has to prepare a list of all the goods that are stored in the facility with all the details like dispatch date, storage duration, etc.
  • The facility also provides shipping services under which they pack the goods appropriately for delivery at the doorsteps of the customers.


Warehousing and storage facility is a service that provides convenience to its customers. This happens only if you are choosing the service wisely. You are making a payment to keep your goods safe and this should not give you stress afterwards. So, here are some points you should take in account while choosing these facilities-

  • If you are storing your goods for a short time or you need to use this facility very often it is better that the location of this facility is not quite far from your location.
  • Get the details about the accessibility of the warehouse i.e. working hours or number of times.
  • The charges applied by the facility for storage.
  • Storage equipments used in the facility.
  • Enquire about the safety measures in the warehouse.
  • Insurance coverage of the goods stored in the facility.
  • Check the past customer reviews of the storage facility.


There are many companies providing warehousing and storage facility, so choosing the best suitable one can be a hard task. We can help you out by telling you all the benefits of using the facility-

  • The packers and movers providing this service have huge space for storage. The space can also be customized according to the goods to be stored.
  • Specific equipments are used for loading and unloading or even shifting of goods in the warehouse. The use of these equipments safeguards your goods from damage.
  • Warehousing facility can be availed to a lot of customers at the same time. So, to avoid any kind of confusion or misplacement of the goods, they are packed and labeled properly.
  • Although you have physically transferred your goods to the warehouse but you still own them. So, to give a sense of security the company provides an inventory tracking system through which you can keep an eye at your goods even during shipment.
  • The companies provide pickup and doorstep delivery of the goods.
  • Warehousing and storage companies have a big risk and responsibility of the goods. To keep the situation under controlled a lot of safety and security measures are taken by them. Installation of security cameras, sensors, hiring guards are a few of the measures.
  • Saving oneself from financial loss due to some unforeseen events is a priority. Insurance coverage can do it for them.
  • With all the assurance the companies provide with the storage facilities one should stay tension free but this doesn’t happen. The companies avail customer support service so that the customers can reach out to them for any queries.