Office Relocation

Growth of a company, expansion of a business, change in the number of employees and heavy loss in business are some of the reasons for office relocation. But shifting so many gadgets and important documents without damage or loss can be risky as well as chaotic. It is always advisable to plan the shift properly to cut down the risk. Appointing the professionals is a wise decision as they have all the essential experience and packaging materials to safeguard the stuffs from any kind of damage during transit.

Even though you have hired a professional Movers and Packers service provider to do the relocation, there is a long list of things that have to be done by you or under your supervision. Want to know what are those tasks? Well then continue reading…


A tedious task like shifting a workplace needs proper planning, preparation and execution. A lot of steps are involved in the whole process of relocation from beginning to end.

  • After the relocation is finalized the first thing to be done is to prepare list of all the things to be shifted, to be retained, to be discarded or sold. This is important to select the service package you need from the relocation service provider.
  • Next in line is to search for the best suitable packers and movers for the job. Choosing the one who serves the purpose depends on a number of factors like-
    • Services provided
    • Insurance coverage
    • Budget friendly
    • Experience
    • Verified background
    • Time taken for the relocation
  • After receiving the estimation of all the costs involved, choose the one that fits in after the final negotiation.
  • Hiring the Movers and Packers relieves half of the tension but the next most important thing to do is to inform the employees about the move. They should be informed well in advance to avoid panic among them. Once they know about the move they can pack their personal stuffs before the big day avoiding a chaotic situation.
  • Weeks before final relocation call the service providers to the office to show them all the inventories that have to be shifted. This will help them to prepare the packaging material appropriately. Also ask them about the pre packing preparations to be done if any.
  • Removing unwanted stuffs like furniture, machines, documents etc. should be done prior to the packing day.
  • On the day of the packing make sure to get all the accessories packed properly because once lost or damaged can cause inconvenience at work later.
  • Double check the empty office before leaving or handing over the keys.
  • Get all the stuff unpacked by the Packers and Movers as they know how to handle it properly.
  • Once everything is unpacked, install all the gadgets and equipments to check whether they are in proper condition.
  • After you have checked everything for damages only then clear the dues of the service providers.

Rearranging all the things in the new office can take a lot of time even after all of you working together. But this is for sure that hiring Packers and Movers not only assures safe shifting of the office but also saves you the hard work and time to do all the packing and unpacking all by yourself.


  • Organize, assemble and pack all the important documents in proper storage boxes before the shifting starts to avoid misplacement.
  • Keep a check on the stationeries while packing and unpacking if you don’t want your petty cash expenses to rise while relocation.
  • Assort the boxes according to the importance of unpacking to make it easier.
  • Get all the boxes marked with the things in it and the area they belong to. This will help in unloading it to the exact place they need to be installed in.
  • Don’t forget to check the terms and conditions of all the services included and excluded while finalizing the service provider.


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