Car Transportation

Whenever you think of relocating to a different city and you own a car, the first thought on your mind is to drive it to the new location. But the first thoughts are not always correct and wise for the vehicle. Just like home and office relocation service providers there are a lot of car carrier companies out there in the country that can help with intercity transport.


Many of you can think that driving a car for a long distance isn’t a difficult or tedious work if you know driving. But this is not true; it can actually be a complicated and tiring think and also involves a lot of risks. You can come across many unforeseen and unfortunate situations like jams, bad weather, trouble with car, etc while driving for a long distance. Not only this but your car can be damaged or there are chances of wear and tear. To avoid all this, the best alternative is to get your car transported to your doorstep by a genuine car transportation company. These companies are highly professional and experienced in transporting your vehicles safely. But the problem is that you cannot trust just anyone with your expensive vehicles. So here’s how you can find and hire a reliable company for the relocation-

  • First of all surf the internet to get the list of all the car transport companies in and around your area.
  • Go through all the details of the companies and match with your own requirements to help you shortlist the best three.
  • Now, compare all the services provided by all three and also the rates charged for those services.
  • If you are still unclear about the details provided on their website then visit their office and enquire about it.
  • Tell them about your vehicle to be transported and the requirements you have in mind.
  • Read all the terms and conditions and also check their documents for credibility.
  • Understand the shipping procedure.
  • Ask for a quotation for the service according to your requirements.
  • Check the customer reviews on the internet available.
  • Finally compare all the details of the shortlisted companies and choose the one which fits in your criteria the best.


Driving your car from one location to another location faraway is a tiring, risky job which needs a lot of skills on road. So it is always a better option to hire people who have been trained and also have experience in this field. You may have a lot of doubts about this being the right thing to do but here are some advantages that will help you make up your mind about it-

  • Safe transportation- when it comes to choosing the company for transporting an expensive asset of yours, it is obvious that you won’t leave any stones unturned to know about the safety measures, background verification and also it’s legit status in the city. Once you have checked all of this yourself, it gives a sense of assurance to you about your vehicle being transported safely.
  • Damage free delivery- when you have hired a company to transfer your car it becomes their liability to take care of your property. So, they take extra care of safeguarding the car from any probable damage. Also they have an insurance policy to take care of any damage occurred during transit which helps you save spending any extra penny on repairs.
  • Economic decision- keeping everything aside if you just calculate the time and money you will be spending if you drive your car all by yourself and then compare it with the money spent on hiring a professional and the time you saved because of it will always be high. So it is practical and economical for you to hire a car transportation service provider and get your car delivered.
  • Hassle and stress free delivery- after you have finalized everything with the company, all you have to do is to wait for a few days for its delivery. All the risk and tension has been shifted from you to the company after you have given them the job. You can rest assured as the decision has saved you from all the hassle and stress involved in driving it on your own.
  • Saving your car from wear and tear- in India driving a car for a short distance itself involves a lot of risk so, when we talk about long distance you cannot be sure that the car is not going to get any kind of damage on the way. You need to be a very skillful driver in order to drive through all the obstacles smoothly even so you cannot guarantee a 100 percent damage free drive. But, if you are getting your car transported it not only comes damage free but also is delivered at your doorstep.


While finalizing the best shipping company for your car, you must have come across difference in rates of all the companies. There can be a lot of factors that affect the charges of shipping in India-

  • The first and the very basic one is the distance of the transportation. The farther the distance the more they charge as it involves more risk and will have to use more fuel.
  • There are some locations in India where the roads are difficult to drive and also involve life risking drive. So for those locations the company charges comparatively higher prices to justify the risk.
  • It also depends on the details of the car like-
    • Type of car
    • Size of the car
    • Weight of the car
    • Condition of the car
    • Modifications made in the car
    • Stuffing any personal items in the car for easy transport
  • Charges also depend on the type of shipping you want. If you want it to be transported with other cars then the charges are lower. If you opt for an enclosed truck then the charge is very high.


While choosing a suitable transport company for your car, make sure to tick the boxes in all these checklists-

  • The company is verified and has the required legal documents such as license to carry on this profession.
  • They are charging a genuine cost according to your requirements.
  • They have an insurance policy to safeguard you from any unforeseen damage.
  • The team handling the transportation is well trained and experienced.
  • There are positive customer reviews about their services.


We are a well established and experienced company who can handle the transportation of your car properly.

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